My reflections on heeding “the Call”.

The only way we can fulfill the call of God upon our lives is based on his terms, not based on our own understanding or power. I have come to realize that we have to absolutely depend on him to be able to pull through. Whether we like it or not, the assignment ahead of us is bigger than we can carry, but lot of the time, we fall into the error of trying to do his work based on our own strength . The end result is that we fail woefully thus becoming disillusioned, disappointed, insecure and full of fear.

I would like to use Moses as a case study. He has probably heared it drummed into his brain since he was a  child that he was  special  and he would deliver his people from the land of slavery. So it is only natural for him to carry it all through his formative years in pharaoh’s palace and then take matters into his hands when he noticed his fellow Hebrew brother being maltreated [Exodus 2: 7-15]. His reliance on his strength and intellect made him end up in the land of the Midianites broken, insecure and disillusioned.

To be continued………


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