My Christmas Revelation

I have been asking the Lord to show me what the true meaning of Christmas is or the essence of Christmas. What does it stand for? I simply needed to understand why we keep up with this expensive habit year after year.

Here is what I got or rather what was revealed to me over a period of weeks preceding Christmas…….

A Christmas Revelation.

Christmas time marks the beginning of the fulfillment of an age old prophecy. At last what has been foretold since the beginning of time, since the first man sinned, is about to happen

It is the greatest love story ever told!

The birth and death of Jesus is foretold and depicted on virtually every page of the Old testament.

He is revealed as the Lamb of sacrifice who takes our place in death. Just like when a ram for sacrifice was provided in place of Isaac on the mountain of the Lord. Abraham, by not withholding his son Isaac, has revealed how the Lord will give up His only son as the sacrifice for our sins.Gen 22: 12- 17

The potency of His blood to completely deliver and save is foreshadowed during the passover night, when the angel of death passed over the land of Egypt; completely sparing the children of Israel, but not sparing the firstborn sons of the Egyptians Exodus 12: 12-13, & 29

Have you taken the time to study and analyze the organization of Israel’s camp while they were in the wilderness? It is the exact depiction of the Cross!! Numbers 2:1-34

Even Balaam the wicked prophet foretold His coming
Numbers 24:17- “I shall see him, but not now: I shall behold him, but not nigh: there shall come a Star out of Jacob, and a Sceptre shall rise out of Israel, and shall smite the corners of Moab, and destroy all the children of Sheth.”

He is revealed as our Kinsman Redeemer and the Lord of the harvest, through the restoration of Naomi’s land and the love story between Ruth (the gentile bride) and Boaz. Ruth 1- 4. He is our Kinsman Redeemer, He did not come like the God that He is, rather He came as a man, our kin…someone like us. He came like the son of man in order to save the sons of men.

The prophet Isaiah prophesied a great deal about him but he was not fully revealed.
He was known as the Wonderful Counsellor, as the Mighty God, as the Everlasting Father, as the Prince of Peace, as Emmanuel; but he was yet to be revealed as Jesus!!!!

The name was not revealed to any man neither was it revealed to any angel nor spirit being until the Angel Gabriel came to give the big announcement to Mary.

I can imagine the kind of excitement running through the great angel’s body (if he has one) and voice, as he, for the very first time in history of heaven and earth, revealed the name of the saviour of the world!!! JESUS!!

Before the birth of Christ and up till the moment of his birth, the spiritual, physical and political atmosphere all over the world was really dismal. It seemed like the devil was winning all the battles. There was a dark oppressive atmosphere that permeated the world. People were living in the terrible bondage of sin. Only the mighty and the wicked survived. And just like in the time of Moses, it was time to bring in the big gun; Jesus, The saviour of the world.

The love story truly begins! The salvation plan was that God was going to come Himself, in the form of man; He will experience the pain, passion, disappointment etc. that is attached to being human, yet still remain pure and blameless. He would suffer great pain humiliation, and eventual death just so he could save mankind.

Note He came as a little babe born of a virgin of low estate. He did not come as the son of an earthly king even though he is the King of kings. He did not come as God; even though He is the Lord of all Lords. He did not come as a fully grown who can fight and defend Himself even though He is the Ancient One. Rather, He came as a helpless babe, he was born in the smelliest dirtiest place ever imagined. A place where goats and sheep are kept.

He came as our kin, a human like us. That was the only way it would be a true sacrifice. He came to save both the rich and the poor, young and old. He is indeed the Kinsman Redeemer. He is Christ, the Anointed One!

What is Christmas to you??

Is it about the beautiful white snow and making the snowman? Is it about the decorations or the holiday cheers? Is it about the new clothes and shoes? Or the rice and chicken? Maybe it is about the fancy gifts or probably about the christmas carols!! There can’t be a Christmas without the Christmas carols right?

Well Christmas for me, now that I know this; is a time that marks the beginning of the fulfilment of the oldest prophesy that brought about the salvation of the whole world. It is all about the Love of the Father.

Christmas for me is the good news about Christ which is the power of God at work saving everyone who believes!!!! Rom 1:16

I feel like laughing out loud right now!

Whoop!! Whoop!! The Lord is good! He is great and greatly to be praised!!

What is your Christmas revelation??

Merry Christmas beautiful people!!!

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