Our main purpose at Jedidiah Music, is to help people rediscover/rebuild and maintain their intimate relationship with God, lead people into God’s presence through music and the word. For us it is all about worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, the one who loves us beyond our comprehension.

My story

I realized early in my life that the things I was ever really good at or haven’t failed at, were the things of the Lord. So I figured the way of Matthew 6:33 was the only way for me, and I stuck to it. All my adult life, all I wanted or desired was the Lord. For as long as I can remember, any time in a church program that we are told to ask the Lord for whatever we wanted, I have always asked to have Jesus.

I would usually say “Father all I want is You because I believe whoever has you, has everything, you see my heart, and if there is anything contrary to this you know. All I desire is You, You alone are my portion” (Psalm 16:5). All I knew was that I loved to sing and just be where there is music. Above all these, I loved to worship God and lead people into God’s presence through worship. And I had this going for me even when I failed at every other thing.

I do not consider myself one of the best singers around, so the highest I thought I would ever go in my music career was to be a backup vocalist for any of the gospel artistes the Lord directs me to. This happened of course but it didn't last long. I guess it was because the Lord didn't want me to get too comfortable thinking I was where He wanted me to be. I have sang almost all my life. I remember being a member of the children’s choir in my church in Ibadan, where I was born. I however did not start singing professionally until the year 2013.

By professionally I mean, singing with gospel artistes. I did this for two years before I got a job and subsequently went for my youth service in 2014. There I was made the choir leader of the only Redeemed Christian Church of God there, in Onueke, Ebonyi State.

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