Defining Moments

One of the defining moments in my life was when I got the name Jedidiah. Sometime in 2013, I found myself not doing anything worthwhile, all I had going then was my membership with a band. I didn’t have a job and my certificate wasn’t ready, of course there was no way I could get a job that paid well. All my sisters were doing well and I was the only one basically not getting up to much. My eldest sister, out of concern for me, decided to sponsor one of my numerous ideas - a clothing line where we make denim skirts with African patterns.

I had the designs ready and the designers were quite ready too. Then my sister asked me what I wanted to name the business and I told her to give me time to pray over it. I went to meet my heavenly Father and asked Him what name He wanted me to name the business, and He directed me to 2 Samuel 12:25. And wham!! I got JEDIDIAH! I had never come across the name before that day. Even though the business never took off I got stuck with the name. I however didn't come to be known as Jedidiah officially until early 2016.

Official Jedidiaah

I eventually took the name Jedidiah officially.

Before we started recording the album, I went for a three-day retreat organized by Living Faith Foundation, titled ‘Sorting Out’. It was there that I got a confirmation from the Lord that I needed to change my name to the one He gave me. After I took this step, things started to change for me.


The Turning Point

Things didn’t start to get interesting until February 2016 when we started preparing to record THE BIG GOD IN ME PROJECT. Before 2014 when I went for my youth service, there had been moments in my life when the Lord would give me songs, albeit, rarely. Sometimes, I would also try to write scripts which was never easy. So for the first 25 or so years of my life, I had about 6 songs, and a drama script to my name. And they were not so fantastic. However, a few months before I went for my youth service, as well as during my youth service, I started getting songs like every other month and after some time, I was getting songs every other week.

This happened mostly when I was worshiping God.  By the end of my youth service in July 2015, I had received more than a hundred songs. I really do not know the exact number now because I never went back to listen to them. I simply didn’t feel they were good enough, I was also petrified to have anyone hear them. This of course was the lie of the devil but I didn’t realize it then. By the time I got back to Lagos, I started getting songs like every other day, I could get about 3 or 5 songs in a day. But I still didn’t want anyone hearing the songs and I didn’t do anything about them. By November 2015, I had close to 150 songs. I knew I needed to do something about the songs, but I wasn’t exactly sure what needed to be done. And the scariest thing happened. I stopped getting songs from the Lord. At this time, I had finished youth service and by the end of the year, was not really sure what I wanted to do with my life -get a job, go back to school for master’s or work on the songs. I was just completely lost. I decided I would not go into another year not having a clue of what I wanted to do with my life, so I went for a retreat. At that point all I wanted was for the heavens to open up and give me all the answers straight up. I didn’t come back home until the first of January. Though I didn’t see any answers written in the sky or in the clouds, I came back reassured that I would be fine. I had initially sent out some applications for master’s program to some schools abroad. While awaiting responses from the schools, I decided to meet with a keyboardist friend of mine that I felt safe with. I told him I had been getting songs and I needed to make sense of them all, put the good ones in a proper demo form to give to singers who might be interested in them. The first meeting we had, we worked on a couple of songs and he told me “Bambo (I was still going by that name then) these are powerful songs, they ought to be sung in churches everywhere…”.

I was like  really?  The second meeting was pretty much the same, this time though, he insisted we had to go to the studio because he felt it was beyond what we should just do in his sitting room. I grudgingly agreed, because I had categorically said that I wasn’t going to the studio. I didn’t have any desire to because I didn’t believe I had a good enough voice. We finally both agreed to call some of our friends, who were also professional singers and instrumentalists. We decided we could do a worship medley and probably title it “Worship with Jedidiah and friends” and I would of course be in the background. The budget for that was just around a hundred thousand naira. However, the Lord had different plans.  After I finally agreed to what God wanted and yielded to His will, I started hearing from the Lord again. I had not experienced that in a long time and it was just awesome.

The Lord himself handpicked the people he wanted on the project, they are simply the best and I definitely could not afford them-another scary part. But The All Sufficient God supplied. Most of the people I eventually worked with in the studio, were people I didn’t know before. Yet, they supported me as if I was their sister. What was supposed to be a hundred-thousand-naira project became more than a million-naira-project and I had just one thousand nine hundred and fifty naira in my account at the start of the project. We had planned to do a medley of twelve songs, but the songs took on a life of their own and we eventually got 9 tracks, three of them being a medley of two songs. The Lord titled the album ‘THE BIG GOD IN ME’, He also gave a picture of the album cover, the ministry logo among other things.